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The best garage door for you will be the one which meets the majority of your family and property requirements, as well as budget. If you don't have a lot of space in your driveway, swing hung doors amy not be an option and if you lack space in the ceiling, overhead doors may be a problem. Rollup doors tend to fit in all garages.
If you have an electric garage door opener for your door, it may not be necessary to get an additional manual lock. Newer models of openers work as lock in their own right and it make it improbable for any intruder to be able to open or lift the door from the outside. However, if your opener is an older model, we recommend checking if it can function as a lock by lifting the door from the outside.
At least once each year, you should inspect the components and hardware of your garage door. Check rollers, pulleys, hinges, cables and springs for any signs of damage or wear. Moving components should be checked and lubricated every couple of months. You should also tighten any fixtures including bolts and screws which can become loosened over time. It is also worth cleaning any debris or grime from the door to prevent rust from developing.
You must consider your current needs but your future needs too. For example, if you're just starting a family, you want to consider the possibility of having bigger or more cars down the line. It's always best to plan ahead!
Garage door openers have been required to come with safety mechanisms since 1993. Essentially, these features stop the door from completely closing if objects or people are detected in the door's path while closing. This mechanism is very important as it helps avoid accidents and injury to people, cars, and pets. This feature should be a priority for regular maintenance.
Your power cord may not be securely plugged into an outlet. It is important that you check this area first. You should also check your safety sensors - they shouldn't be blocked by any objects, or considerably dirty. If your door will still not close it is best to contact us for further assistance.

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